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If you haven't downloaded the app or accessed on your favorite web browser, be sure to visit Here is where most of the information will be found and updated for this year's recital.


We will be sending the practice video for you to learn choreography. We will have you record the dances with your daughter and send us the copy for us to edit all of them together. The final copy will be made available on the recorded copies of recital.

You'll Love These Amazing Souvenirs!

Let us take care of the flowers and more! We even have special VIP Packages for you!


Do you usually forget to buy flowers until you're on your way to an event? Not this year baby! Pink Roses with baby's breath are available in 6 and 12 count bouquets.

Program Ads

Want to say something special for your loved one in our annual recital booklet? Well Wishes are a great way to show your kids you're thinking about them. Or you could always show off a super embarrassing photo 🤣

Performance Videos

Each year, we make your Recital DVD's, Blu-rays, and Digital Downloads, available for purchase before, during, and after the Recital.

Photo Packages

Photo Packages are available starting at $35 for one child. *All photos will be delivered digitally through email and you will receive EVERY solo shot, group shot, and any other costumed photos taken on Photo Day. 🤩

Recital T-Shirts

Each shirt will feature our recital logo as well as all participant's names on the back! Whether you fill them with sharpie after the show, frame them in a fancy shadowbox, or just wear them all the time like we do, these are a fun way to remember their recital 🙂

Your Recital Dream Team

Master of Ceremonies

Kory Krikac

Stage Manager

Samantha Krikac

Backstage Manager

Mariah Gorman


Johanna Moore


Faith Gulliver

Lighting and Graphics

Chris Moore


Please make a selection below for where you will be best suited 🤩