Low-Profile Slip-On Jazz Shoe



Handcrafted uppers of premium Nappa leather mold to fit like a gloveStretch satin insets provide foot-hugging fitArch-enhancing split sole and contoured shape for elegant leg lineFlat pleats perfected for smooth feel and uninterrupted floor contactSleek, shock-absorbing heel protects the ankle for hours for comfortOffered in street shoe sizesAlso available in Hazelnut

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Hazelnut, 10M, Hazelnut, 10.5M, Hazelnut, 11M, Hazelnut, 11.5M, Hazelnut, 12M, Hazelnut, 12.5M, Hazelnut, 13M, Hazelnut, 13.5M, Hazelnut, 1M, Hazelnut, 1.5M, Hazelnut, 2M, Hazelnut, 2.5M, Hazelnut, 3M, Hazelnut, Adult 4M, Hazelnut, Adult 5M, Hazelnut, Adult 5.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 6M, Hazelnut, Adult 6.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 7M, Hazelnut, Adult 7.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 8M, Hazelnut, Adult 8.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 9M, Hazelnut, Adult 9.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 10M, Hazelnut, Adult 10.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 11M, Hazelnut, Adult 11.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 12M, Hazelnut, Adult 12.5M, Hazelnut, Adult 13M, Caramel, 10M, Caramel, 10.5M, Caramel, 11M, Caramel, 11.5M, Caramel, 12M, Caramel, 12.5M, Caramel, 13M, Caramel, 13.5M, Caramel, 1M, Caramel, 1.5M, Caramel, 2M, Caramel, 2.5M, Caramel, 3M, Caramel, Adult 4M, Caramel, Adult 5M, Caramel, Adult 5.5M, Caramel, Adult 6M, Caramel, Adult 6.5M, Caramel, Adult 7M, Caramel, Adult 7.5M, Caramel, Adult 8M, Caramel, Adult 8.5M, Caramel, Adult 9M, Caramel, Adult 9.5M, Caramel, Adult 10M, Caramel, Adult 10.5M, Caramel, Adult 11M, Caramel, Adult 11.5M, Caramel, Adult 12M, Caramel, Adult 12.5M, Caramel, Adult 13M